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Live Plant Care TIps

Live plant pitfalls to avoid

Pitfall #1: Overwatering plants

"Its leaves were drying out so it kept watering it!"

It is not uncommon for gardeners to overwater their tropical plants. It is important to remember that most tropical plants are prone to root rot if overwatered. This particularly is common during indoor winter care. Many of these plant species can go dormant for the winter. They may even have their leaves dry and fall off. Most peoples initial reaction to seeing drying leaves is to continue to apply water. This can actually cause the rotting condition that inevitably kills the plant. If your tropical plant drops its leaves but still has a healthy stem, do not panic and overwater it. Continue to water it, but in appropriate intervals. It is extra important to let soil dry in between waterings in the winter, because they will not have the summer heat to properly dry it out. 

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Live Plant Care Tips

Your live plant is on its way! What should you do while you wait? Knowing how to receive your precious item can mean the difference between success and disappointment.

If you haven't read our preparing for your live plant order guide, ensure to read it now! While we will provide you some good general advice below, we always recommend that you do your own research on the items you have ordered so you are best prepared to care for your new plant.

It is important to give your plant prompt and immediate care when it arrives. You must remember that it has been deprived of air, light, and proper watering during its transit time. While we take great care in how we pack our plant and give them all the necessary support to survive their journey, if you do not take the proper care when you receive your plant, you could send the plant into shock. 

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About our live plants & live plant orders

Basic information about our live plants

Our plants are grown with the utmost care and expertise of our team. We use a high quality soil mix typically made up of nutrient rich potting soil, perlite, and pine bark. We have found this to be the right blend to provide aeration, drainage, and micro and macronutrients Our plants are given a specific nutrient blend to encourage growth, stem strength, and increase abiotic stress tolerance.

How do you pack plant order?

Plants are given these nutrients from the beginning and are given a good drink of this nutrient blend prior to shipment.

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