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About our live plants & live plant orders

Basic information about our live plants

Our plants are grown with the utmost care and expertise of our team. We use a high quality soil mix typically made up of nutrient rich potting soil, perlite, and pine bark. We have found this to be the right blend to provide aeration, drainage, and micro and macronutrients Our plants are given a specific nutrient blend to encourage growth, stem strength, and increase abiotic stress tolerance. We also use natural and preventative pest control techniques and do not employ any toxic chemicals in our regimen.  

How do you pack plant orders?

Our plants are given our specific nutrient blend from the beginning and are given a good drink of this nutrient blend prior to shipment. We also trim the plant for transport as necessary. We will trim the plants as necessary to ensure safe packing, minimize plant strain through transit, and/or encourage future branching. We also apply a natural pest control spray as an additional measure. 

Our plants are all very carefully individually hand packed by our team. Our plants pots are  sealed in a bag to maintain moisture and soil. Plants are then wrapped in paper and then immobilized in a box with moistened padding. We do not just tape bare pots to the inside of unpadded boxes!

How are your plants shipped?

We ship our plants via USPS-Priority Mail to minimize transit time. You will receive a tracking #/ be notified via Shopify of your order shipment. 

Orders containing plants and seeds during the regular season will ship together. Plants that are preordered together with seeds will have their seeds shipped right away(via USPS Ground Advantage) and the plants shipped when available(via USPS Priority Mail). Our shipping rates are calibrated to account for sending multiple parcels and you will not be charged any additional fees upon shipment of the second parcel. 

Where are plants delivered?

Plants boxes can be delivered in your mailbox if it is small enough. It is also likely to be left by your front door/porch or other delivery points of your residence. When ordering a live plant, it is a good time to verify if your community utilizes parcel lockers, mailrooms, or other spaces to deliver packages. It is your responsibility to know the delivery practices of your community.

When ordering a live plant it is important to be vigilant and monitor your email and your mail. For non preorder season we ship orders same day/next, so if you do not receive a shipping confirmation /tracking # within a few days of ordering please reach out to us, or check your account for order status. For plant preorders it is a good idea to subscribe to our marketing emails so you get our email blasts with any updates, so you can be aware of when we begin shipping plant preorders.

In our experience, plants are most in danger when they are sitting on your doorstep. While plants are in transit they are in climate controlled facilities and transport. Their real risk time is if they sit unattended after delivery.

It is possible for you to ask your local post office to hold your parcel for in person pick up. This is one way to ensure it is kept out of the elements. Ensure to pick up your plants promptly if using this method as we consider the plant delivered on the day it is held for pick up.

 When is plant preorder time?

We typically offer plant preorders between January and April. We begin shipping plant preorders in April/May depending on weather conditions and plant availability. Preorder plant orders that contain seeds will have their seeds ship right away(via USPS Ground Advantage) and then their plants shipped separately(via USPS-Priority Mail) when available, at no additional cost.

Regular shipment of plants usually begins in May and continues until October/November, depending on weather. Regular shipments will contain seeds and plants shipped together.

When will I get my plant preorder?

Plant Preorders are shipped in the order they are received based on plant availability and weather conditions. We aim to begin shipping our early order stock in early mid April, general preorder shipping in early May with the remaining preorders shipping usually by the end of May/first week of June based on volume and availability of plants. If any preorder plant is going to take longer, we will contact you directly. 

What is the difference between a preorder plant and a priority waiting list plant?

A preorder plant will require you to pay upfront as the item stock is confirmed and has a definite ship starting date. Priority waiting list items are likely to be available in the current season, but are either not confirmed or do not have a known shipment date.

For priority waiting list items, please click into the full listing of the item as this  will be give an option to leave no immediate payment for the priority waiting list item. Ensure the "Pay Later" option is visible prior to clicking "Join priority waiting list", or else it will not properly add the item to your cart. With this option, you will not be charged for the plant until item is available and receive a tracking # when it ships.

Please note if ordering with other items, it will collect the shipping upfront. If you would like to "Pay Later" for the whole amount, kindly place your priority waiting list items separately from your other items.  

If a waiting list item will not be available for the current season, we will cancel that part of your order so you are not charged. If you leave payment upfront, we will offer you to swap the item with something of equal value, or refund you for the unavailable item.