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Our Commitment

We are committed to sourcing the best seeds and plants that we can find. We deal directly with many of the best seed breeders(not resellers) in India, so you can count on us always sourcing the freshest and highest quality possible seeds. 

We only source non-GMO products, no exceptions. We select high yielding, vigorous varieties, with disease resistance whenever possible for the species. While we pay more for our seeds on average, we believe the quality and sustainable, natural production is worth the price tag.  

Some of our seeds are treated prior to importation. We only source treated seeds when necessary. This can either be based on the seeds susceptibility to to pests, regulatory recommendation, or availability. Treated seeds are actually preferred in India because they can be stored safely longer. The treatment typically minimizes pest and microbial activity during storage and germination and washes as away during the germination process. This treatment has no impact on the plant or the produce itself. 

Our seeds are thoroughly tested for purity and viability prior to importation. This is done by field and lab technique. We also perform our own in-house testing via field and tetrazolium viability testing prior to sale. We also grow out our varieties in our home gardens, test gardens, as well as receive constant verification of our products from our nursery and farming partners. We are committed to carrying quality products and have several systems in place to assure the quality of our seeds. 

We are committed to providing the best quality seeds that we can, and continue to expand our catalog in order to provide more and more sought after items from different regions of India. We take seriously the trust that our gardening community puts in us to have a consistent catalog available year after year.  Our goal is to make these hard to find items, feel not so hard to find.